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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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[ inaudible ] . good morning 5:00 on this tuesday thanks for join us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. breaking news in redwood city a water main break on brewster
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avenue and warren street two homes are flooded. crews are using pumps to remove water from the basements of those two homes, fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inch diameter main most of the water flowed back in the storm drains no word of water service outages to the area. the bay area could see travel delays and cancellations because of a powerful storm that pounded the pacific northwest now marching toward us. katie marzullo is live at sfo with the latest. >> reporter: that adds insult to injury when you are trying to get out of town for the holidays. if you are, you will be joining a crowd, aaa says more than 43 million americans will travel more than 50 miles for the holiday almost 5 1/2 million californians, 1.2 million will pass through sfo.
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take a look at this video, this could cause headaches the weather. this wet and windy storm passing through oregon and washington now. as you heard mike, the rain should be in the bay area tonight into tomorrow, quick look at the=wxkj boards i did se two flights incoming from seattle delayed. only for a few minutes. hopefully the trouble isn't here yet. but, also according to orbitz sfo will be the third busiest airport in the u.s. over the thanksgiving weekend. chicago o'hare is number one, l.a.x. is number two. good news on flying air fare on average slightly down from last year. there's the upside. taking a look at roads, most people will drive, aaa says 90% of travelers will do so by car and gas prices are down about seven cents in the last two weeks. be careful, what goes up, over
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the holiday weekend, is car accidents, 25% over the last year. aaa reporting that fewer people will actually fly this year, sfo is reporting that it will have a 3% increase in air passengers over last year. tomorrow the busiest day, sfo reports last friday has become more popular especially for kids who are out of school this week. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:01. >> the question a lot of people wondering is that storm that pounded the pacific northwest is it going to do the same on us? >> wind gusts up to 90 miles an hour. >> that was the highest gusts they had was 90, sustaining 45 to 50 at one point this storm is not as powerful once it gets to us as it was up there, not expecting flooding, not expecting power outages or any of that that they sustained
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north of us. there's a look now, up to the north, going to stay there for the better part of today. as you look at all of the major airports, there's no flight arrival delays, even if you are traveling through the midwest and connecting all those areas are doing okay. only here that we are going to see probably delays due to wet weather when that happens we'll let you know or you can check our flight tracker 5:04. right now, union workers at the port of oakland on a 24 hour strike in morning. members of the union started their strike at the terminal at the oakland airport 9:00 last night this morning at 6:00 they target the port expecting 400 union member to block trucks. union members have been working without a new contract for the past 16 months. amy hollyfield will have the latest on the strike in a live report in the next half hour. santa clara board of
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supervisors set to review the way officials use their county expense credit card, following reports of lavish spending spree by board president. demands for accountability are mounting with ongoing investigations by the county district attorney and the fair political practices commission. since 2009 he has spent more than $36,000 of taxpayer funds, including more than 180 restaurant meals, flight upgrades to first class and payments at swanky las vegas establishments. it happened while the 50-year-old declared personal bankruptcy in march of last year despite his $143,000 a year salary. police appealing for help to get a wanted killer off the streets. a $20,000 reward for the capture of a second man. police have arrested one man identified as jonathan
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wilbanks. the two are accused of killing 22-year-old rory parkpettiford during an attempted carjacking, robbing four businesses and wounding a police officer during a shootout that officer suffered minor injuries. latest on that millionaire software developer suspected of murder in belize. john mcafee has been on the run more than a week, that hasn't stopped him from speaking out to abc7 news. he's wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor he says he has nothing to hide but he's doing just that. >> how long will you stay on the run? >> it is extremely exhausting. i will stay on the run until the real killer of gregory is caught. >> the 67 year has been eluding police since november 11th, when his neighbor was shot in the head. he has not been charged. he's been in the wind. coming up on "good morning america" more on
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his one-on-one interview. 5:07. taste arrested at oakland airport for carrying what looked -- like bomb materials will not face charges tsa stopped him he said he has made several of these pieces d.a.'s office decided not to file charges after learning about the art pieces. mcgann says he was surprised by his arrest. >> business as usual, traveling back to l.a. i had one and put it in bin and tsa gentleman stopped it and that was fine. next thing i'm in handcuffs and detained and bomb squad. >> mcgann is a part time instructor in san francisco. state officials are asking for more time to reduce prison overcrowding the state is asking a federal court for a six month extension on an order to lower california's inmate population by 34,000
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over two years. the deadline is next june. the state has been sending low level felons to county jail but says it won't be able to meet that requirement without releasing some prisoners early that could pose a danger to the community. san francisco board of supervisors set to decide long running argument over the issue of free muni fares for low income youth. the commission has awarded more than six million dollars to help implement such a program, some supervisors say the money would be better spent towards maintaining muni's fleet. the others support free muni for youth many transportation chief recommending spending part of that hone for the free program between february and june and again next fall and the rest of the money for muni maintenance and improvement. supervisors are expected to vote on proposed ordinance that would amen building code to allow construction -- to amend building code to allow construction of the tiniest
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apartments in the country, that vote was postponed so housing rights activists could learn more. supporters say it would help ease housing rental crunch in san francisco. some of had you in the north baylor starting to see rain. -- north bay already starting to see rain. appetizer. >> wait until the entree hits. >> entree coming in later, you will be sitting at the table for a long time if you are waiting for the wet weather, appear advertiser in the north bay to inverness you can see where we have light rain over towards petaluma, marshal road, cotati, towards petaluma hill road, light rain, stewart's point, king ridge, fort ross up to sea ranch, a little bit of light rain there. this heading northeast and it is starting to back into marin county, looks like places like san rafael, novato, larkspur,
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mill valley those areas could get light rain sprinkles mainly in the north bay through 7:00 rain will pick up from noon to 4:00, start to move into the bay by 7:00, temperatures very mild, in the 50s through noon, then low to mid 60s for most of the afternoon, a few areas may jump up into the upper 60s in the east bay valleys south bay last areas to see wet weather a few showers tomorrow morning by tomorrow afternoon clouds are breaking out, sun breaking through, dry pattern thursday and hangs out friday through the weekend. here's sue. we have wet roads especially in the north bay area through san rafael, live look southbound 101 tail lights towards lincoln and central san rafael light, you will need windshield wipers through that area with the light rain, golden gate bridge
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clear, light traffic, wet roads, the rain dissipates with once you get closer to san francisco, no problems at this point. earlier accident east 580 at grant line, finally cleared out of lanes. slowing westbound out of the central valley towards the altamont pass. southbound 880 at 98, stalled big rig from the right to the right shoulder, you should be getting by. eastbound highway 4, closed at loveridge until 5:30 this morning for roadwork, a bit of slow out of antioch towards concord, still 15 minute ride westbound. bart tomorrow and friday for shopping and sunday, extra trains for you and on -- pardon me thursday for thanksgiving it will be a sunday service which means bart trains get rolling at 8 a.m.. 5:12. it can be a big headache for parents, you know what i'm
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talking about. the hot new toy sold out in stores. >> we can help. we have this year's hot toys you should get now and which you can hold off on buying. >> first this morning's money report. >> reporter: good morning. sigh of relief on wall street, dow coming off best day since the election closing under 13,000. average gain more than 200 points less than 2%, optimism now that the government will avoid the fiscal kphreuf. gas prices coming down as many of us get ready to hit the road for turkey day still slightly higher than this time last year aaa expects 39 million americans will travel by car this weekend. federal officials promising quick decision for wal-mart retailer wants a union group blocked from staging protests at its stores on black friday. some camping out, outside of wal-mart and others doors hoping to snag door buster
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deals, extreme mark downs on limited quantities.
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embarcadero from our roof cam this morning looking dry here check out live doppler, light rain moving through the north bay, 24 hour totals impressive around santa rosa, already nearly a quarter of an inch, 10th of an inch in , 4/100 in napa.
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heavier rain on the way that in the forecast. -- before you start holiday shopping you might want to check out this year's list of dangerous toys. this morning at 11, a group will release 27th annual trouble in toyland report it looks at choking hazards, loud toys and chemical dangers. the study finds toys on shelves now we will post it on >> that means annual hunt for toys about to begin as parents start looking for the must-have items. michael finney has advice on giving the best toys at the right price. >> reporter: the stores are already filling up with shoppers, seem anxious, nowhere is the anxiety higher than on the toy aisle. >> little girls want certain things. >> reporter: karen and her daughter ella are on the hunt already.
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look at all these toys, target says it has figured out what the hot sellers will be and says it will have plenty of them. wall street journal says inventory will be tight this year when it comes to toys adults don't always know everything. >> it is going to be hard to say this early is it a particular doll that the girls want more than the other? one accessory or two that is new that is going to sell-out quickly. >> that's true, yeah. i'm not sure which one is going to be hot. usually we find out soon. i'm not sure which character, usually there's everyone is looking for the same one depending on which it is >> reporter: for most boys shoppers will do better financially holding back and waiting for sales this is the holiday season and finances aren't everything. >> if there's that one thing that you know they would be really devastated if they didn't see the holidays, might
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as well get it now while you know you can get it. >> reporter: the stores aren't making that easier. target has an app that allows to you order a gift in the toy aisle with your child standing there and your kid will never know it. >> it will take you right to the website. easy as that here's the toy right there. >> reporter: wow. >> as a parent you can order it here, free shipping itch >> reporter: which brings us back ella and her mom. did you find what you were looking for? >> you have it. they said it was sold out it is the last one, you have one left. she wants the purr -- she wants the purple one. >> reporter: experts say shop early for the must-have toys. take a break and shop late for the secondary items. you will save big money. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. check out before you start your black
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friday shopping we've compiled a list of stores opening as early as thanksgiving day. you can browse black friday sale ads at look under see it on tv. >> i went to that page yesterday, convenient, listed 100 stores with the hours and everything, handy. >> it has passed the kristen sze test so it is safe for to you use as well. >> you might have to deal with rain is that right mike? >> see if this passes your test also. [ laughing ] >> let's look outside, super shopper there, giving the thumbs up to michael's page, awesome. coming up on 5:20 ferry building, bay bridge there's no rain showing up. a sprinkle or two possible but the north bay is getting the light rain as we look at live doppler 7 hd, sitting on top of mount st. helena, showing most of this moving northeast
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going to take a long, longtime for that entire system to start moving to the south. if you have outdoor plans today other than a few sprinkles, you are going to be okay for the better part of today. 52 fairfield, 60 antioch, 50 livermore. all those temperatures rising most of us in the mid to upper 50s, temperatures rising around the monterey bay low to mid 50s there, 45 gilroy, 51 salinas inland. today's rain north bay the rest of us have nice mild flow buffetting cold front the rain will take until tonight through the overnight hours to get here, dry pattern wednesday afternoon through the weekend. mid to upper 60s, mainly cloudy, even the future radar returns still up mainly across the north bay, around the monterey bay, mid 60s inland, upper 60s morgan hill 66 stray sprinkle possible for you this afternoon.
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rain shield tonight in green. everybody getting rain, coolest around santa rosa and cloverdale, 40s the rest of us low to mid 60s cold front almost moving parallel to the jet stream waiting for this energy to give it that nice boot to the south. that is going to happen later today. future radar returns still in the north bay at noon, still up there during the afternoon, a few sprinkles around the peninsula, out to the coast by midnight all the way through about 7:00, it makes the trip across the bay from north to south, tomorrow at noon, already seeing a break out of the sunshine, by evening hours, it is over, cooler night head. one to two inches possible in our mountains, nearly half an inch to 3/4 of an inch in the north bay, the rest of us between a quarter and half inch, south bay a 10th to 2/10 of an inch of rain. the chest of the -- the rest of the forecast, the sun breaks out tomorrow, late in
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the afternoon then clamps down on the forecast, thursday through sunday. no rain then. have a great day. if bay bridge light, no problems towards the toll couple of issues wind advisory on the span eastbound roadwork from the skyway to treasure island two lanes blocked for inspection eastbound trying to get out of san francisco you may find minor delays eastbound. to san jose 87 northbound moving at the limit past the hp pavillion out of the central valley still a good ride from tracy up and over the altamont pass into dublin pleasanton area through livermore under 15 minutes from the altamont, southbound 80 at 98 big rig stalled sensors green, no problems. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit checkinging in on schedule this morning, no -- checking in on schedule this
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morning water main break brewster at warren with flooding there and the police department is asking that you avoid that area. 5:23. next, ancient california history ripped from the side of a mountain. what some say is the worst act of vandalism they've ever seen. oprah is hot on microsoft's new surface tablet why her tweet recommending it is raising a few eyebrows. >> lauren survived a devastating accident you won't believe how far she has come. juliana battled breast cancer and the doubts she would have the baby she dreamed off. we'll talk about her happy ending what these women are
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live doppler will have all those areas covered a few drops around san francisco, embarcadero center or the embarcadero excuse me, you could see the light green and lit blue that means light rain in the north bay along 101 out to the coast this is coming our way, timetable in a minute. 5:27. federal land management officials are looking for the thieves who stole ancient indian petro -- from rock
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formations the carvings have been part of the landscape more than 3,000 years. investigators state thieves had to use power saws, generators and ladders to pry four carvings loose. visitors reported them missingqv on october 31st. the bureau of land management offering $1,000 reward for information leading to arrests. some controversy over an item listed on oprah's favorite things, microsoft's new tablet she loves it she sent a glowing endorsement on twitter about the must-have holiday item this is the tweet: gotta say love that surface have bought 12 already for gifts. the only problem is she sent that tweet using an apple ipad, microsoft's rival. >> these things happen. >> one of the busiest travel days of the year. striking workers in oakland, airport and the port could
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complicate some holiday plans, live report coming up. big storm heading our way could add insult to injury we'll tell what to expect and when it hits. >> temperatures across the country seasonal, 40s, 50s, mild 60s midwest, 70s dallas. all major airports, east coast not much rain, midwest nothing if you are connecting through you will do fine right here at home with that rain co
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good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i'm can. >> . i'm eric thomas. we begin at port of oakland. >> where businesses and the
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port are expecting goods from the port could take a financial hit this morning when workers on a one-day strike plan major disruption picketing began at the airport last night. amy hollyfield is live at port. what is happening? >> reporter: they are starting to gear up for the strike. look behind me there's a giant inflated rat here on the corner at the entrance here at the port of oakland. some employees of the union are starting to gather. they keep telling us their spokesperson will be here soon and will tell us what the rat means or what it stands for, it is here, we'll tell you what it means later on this is not just limited to the port of oakland they also are picketing at the oakland airport this is the seiu the union that events maintenance and janitorial workers who work at the porch the port authority is asking the union to contribute -- 5% to its retirement fun. the union says they are
5:32 am
calling the -- strike because of unfair labor practices saying the port is withholding financial information keeping them from bargaining. >> all of our financials are fully available online and we've been fully transparent working with them and answered all questions. >> they have this arrogant attitude that they think they can get away with anything they've withheld this information we requested and requested and we go on strike and now they will send it to us. >> reporter: the union says the package of documents has been delivered. seiu is hoping other unions such as teamsters will join them today and not cross the picket line. occupy oakland has plans to help them maintain a line here at the pore. the goal is to stop work here -- here at the port of oakland they say they will get started in 30 minutes. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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there's another strike for in morning, nurses at 10 sutter health hospitals plan to protest what they say are cuts to standards and benefits, 1500 nurses will hold a one day strike another 3300 will strike for two days. we have a full list of locations on click on see it on tv. we continue to follow breaking news redwood city, crews on the scene of a water main break nascent water gushing too the streets on brewster and warren, near the san mateo county government center. two homes are flooded, crews are using pumps to remove water from the base s of those two homes. police are diverting traffic. fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inch main,. >> san jose diocese says the pastor of st. francis cabrini
5:34 am
school is stepping down as it released copies of a letter that allowed a child molester to volunteer at a children's event. father lieu vu is stepping down after an incident that left parents outraged. during the festival fundraiser a group of parents noticed mark gurries, former parent and registered sex offender was volunteering. father vu, resisted their request to remove gurries from the grounds because of he had a permission letter. the low ter just released the name of the person -- the float ter just released the name of the person who signed it is blacked out. >> run and hide, there is no one to protect him if he steps foot on our school. >> that person no longer works for the diocese. the mercury news reports it was a former human resources worker. new policy will make it clear under no circumstances will convicted sex offenders be allowed to volunteer at school events.
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this is the kind of government cover-up that may be popular even here in san francisco. board of supervisors scheduled to vote on ordinance that prohibits nudity in most public places. new proposal would ban nudity for anyone five or older, supporters say it has gotten out of hand in some parts of the city. critics say the ordinance goes too far. richmond city council scheduled to discuss chevron's repair plans tonight. the choice of metal for new pipes could complicate the rebuilding process. chevron wants to replace failed pipe with a pipe call chrome nine, crow of its carbon steel pipe caused a fire spewing emissions that sent 15,000 to the hospital. federal chemical safety board is recommending a stainless steel type of pipe. developing news in the mideast tack on a security guard at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv.
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a man attacked a guard with a knife and ax, injuring the guard in the leg. one witness described the weapon as a pitchfork. guards fired warning shots into the air and took the man into custody. officials say he's a man with mental health problems. president obama is sending hillary clinton to the mideast to help mediate an end to the bloody conflict between israel and the palestinians in the gaza strip, u.s. navy positioning three ships on the remote chance that american citizens might need to be evacuate israel. there's a steady stream of rocket fire between israel and gaza. israel says it is ready to escalate operations if a deal cannot be reached. it has been an amassing force along the border for days. missiles killed 113 in gaza, almost half civilians. more than 700 rockets landed in israel, three killed there. president obama met today
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with china's top leaders on the sidelines of the summit. the president says the u.s.-china relationship is cooperative and instructive and important there are clear rules for trade and investment. the pacific northwest is taking a pounding from a storm that mike says is heading our way, oregon and washington are dealing with flash flooding, power outages and property damage from winds, rain and snow, an elk hunter died when a tree snapped and fell on to his tent this morning at least 5,000 homes and businesses don't have power down from 50,000. how is this affecting one of the busiest travel days of the year? we'll check in with katie marzullo in about 30
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minutes. could be a little difficult with the crowds and now the rain. let's find out what the timeline is from meteorologist mike nicco. doppler, portland, eugene to crescent city and eureka, heaviest rain higher elevation snow mainly oregon now this storm is very warm moisture coming from the southeast all that mild air is leading to a little moisture for us back here, a lot of light blue and green is very light rain but it is falling in the north bay making streets slick there, starting to build a little towards the golden gate bridge, a little starting to develop around the -- around the santa cruz mountains. here's a look at the big picture, low up to the north, heading northeast, going to take the tail end of the system better part of today to get out of the north bay.
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sprinkles possible for all of us this morning, rain north bay at noon, more rain in the north bay at 4:00, starts to move into the rest of the bay bay 7:00. evening and overnight hours we get our best chance of rain through tomorrow morning, then the showers taper to sunshine late wednesday, sunshine for the rest of the forecast into thursday and friday. macarthur maze traffic flowing nicely traveling from 80 westbound into the toll or 880 around looks good, 580 at the limit into the bay bridge toll, wind advisory for the span of the bay bridge, take extra care if you are headed that direction. southbound san rafael, 101 past the civic center, a little busier, light rain here, traffic at the limit through terra linda into lincoln and central san rafael. san mateo bridge busier, tail lights, few brake lights towards the highrise towards foster city, 15 minute drive
5:40 am
from hayward towards san mateo, bart will be having extra trains tomorrow to the airports and coming home sunday, for black friday shoopers, extra trains, thanksgiving it will be sunday service which means everything begins at 8 a.m.. 5:40. investigation into an explosion that leveled a midwest neighborhood takes a new twist. why homicide detectives are getting involved. >> there may be a new twist, new name in the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. who a
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. here's a look at downtown san francisco, dry except for a sprinkle or two. doppler marin county, panoramic highway towards mill valley, san rafael, lucas valley to be wet if not already. to the north more wet weather fallen road, coleman valley road to the west, rohnert park expressway that area getting light rain, farther north, between windsor and the coast towards ross or cloverdale, all those streets are wet too. 5:44.
5:44 am
four men with ties to southern california have been charged with plotting to join al-qaeda to commit violent jihad against americans. court documents show a 34-year-old naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan is accused of recruiting three younger men living in los angeles, san bernardino and riverside counties one of the men served in the air force, the four were planning to unite in afghanistan while they plotted to kill americans and destroy u.s. targets overseas. if convicted they face up to 15 years. natural gas explosion that ripped through indianapolis neighborhood november 10th, is now a homicide investigation. investigators believe the blast occurred in a vacant home killing a couple living next door, damaging dozens of homes. federal investigators offering a reward for information about a suspicious white van seen several times near the home that exploded $10,000 reward is being offered. new television documentary
5:45 am
suggests a death row inmate in florida may have been involved in the murders of o.j. simpson's ex-wife and her friend. the investigation shows it focuses on glen rogers convicted of killing women in florida and california rogers' family says he met nicole brown simpson in 1994 when he lived in southern california. he reportedly confessed to the brutal stabbings of knee keel and her friend ron goldman. -- o.j. simpson was acquitted no one else was ever charged. next time you see a mannequin, watch out. it may be no dummy. we'll explain in morning's bloomberg business report. carrying its own weight, big milestone caltrans is park -- is marking today. medical controversy, major health group says every adult in the u.s. should be
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welcome back. radar across the state you can see around 80 and north light rain heavier rain eureka and crescent city and high elevation snow. here's a look at how far south it is going to get, majority staying north of the 80 until the sunsets. 70 fresno sunshine, near 70 around l.a. and san diego, 82 palm springs. sierra 4:00 this afternoon through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon winter weather advisory, donner pass, echo summit, those areas could be affected as snow levels will drop to around 7,000 feet, once the sunsets. make sure you have the chains just in case. 5:49. executives with hostess will sit down with union leaders today in a last-ditch attempt to end a strike that may force the company out of business. hostess asked a judge to approve its plan to liquidate and sell off its assets that
5:50 am
was put on hold when the judge said both sides need to try mediation first. would workers went on strike after hostess imposed a new contract on them, hostess makes popular snack foods. construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge has reached another important milestone. caltrans says suspension cables are supporting the full weight of the new span, until now the road deck was held by supports underneath while cables were put in place. those cables are hold up the new deck which weighs more than 35,000 tons. the bridge is the world's largest self-anchors shun bridge. >> urgent need to help feed needy families in san francisco. they expect to give 3200 turkeys out to other agencies to distribute. the mayor's office will pitch in 100 birds to help meet that need by thanksgiving.
5:51 am
at sacred heart in san jose, they are still 200 turkeys shy. volunteers are distributing everything needed for thanksgiving dinners to 4,000 families. the distribution continues today and tomorrow. to find out how you can help go to click on see it on tv. the fact that sacred heart only needs 200 -- turkeys is a tribute to the giving, it was 1,000 yesterday. >> impressive. >> although they could use 200 more. don't let the weather top you from taking them in. it shouldn't. you can see here on the golden gate bridge not all that wet, a little mist, a little drizzle, a little humid, north of that in san rafael,
5:52 am
-- [ inaudible ] there's wet weather on 101 around san rafael, that gives you an idea of what is going on. live doppler you can see that loan radar return above -- that lone radar return mill valley, larkspur, san rafael that entire area farther north into the northern sections of sonoma steadier rain almost a quarter of an inch at santa rosa. it is going to keep coming at you for the better part of today. ahead of that very mild, southeasterly winds, coolest temperature, 52, fairfield, our warmest, 60 antioch most of us mid to upper 50s livermore coolest 50, did you catch that? watsonville 50, five santa cruz, 45 gilroy. -- today's rain mainly stays in the north bay, could be
5:53 am
scattered light shower maybe a sprinkle ahead, the rest of us get our rain during the evening and overnight then moves out dry for wednesday. today mid to upper 60s even out to the coast, slightly cooler with rain in the north bay, low to mid 60s. mid 60s monterey bay inland mid to upper 60s tonight rain shield all over the place mainly low to mid 50s, a few 40s santa rosa and cloverdale. running parallel to the flow, waiting for this kicker to come through and push it down, here the timetable: 7:00 this morning, best chance of light rain fill north bay through the lunch hour ahead of it a few scout showers by 5:00 the best chains of rain north bay by 11:00 through 7:00, it moves from the -- north bay through the south bay, tapering by 11:00, noon almost over then we head into the evening gone bye-bye. one to two inches north bay
5:54 am
mountains 3/4 of an anyone's the north bay, up to quarter to half inch around the bay. once we get past tomorrow morning, afternoon clouds start to break out, sun comes out thursday through sunday, hanging out in the 60s everywhere. have a great day. east shore freeway, good morning, traveling past golden gate fields, 80 westbound, a bit of a bunching up when 580 merges on to 80 you can see it there things pick up towards the macarthur maze. eastbound looks like there's some sort of a stall at university avenue with some emergency lights eastbound direction. take caution. funnel into the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet, minor delays for cash paying folks on both sides of the tom, center lanes, fastrak and carpool lanes getting by with no problem. wind advisory on the span
5:55 am
towards san francisco, both directions. southbound 880 at high, big problem oakland area, multi-car accident with a chain reaction blocking the right lane and high street off-ramp blocked, we'll follow this for you. 5:55. if you feel like you are being watched next time you are admiring a hole -- a holiday storefront, you may be right. >> those mannequins always creep me out. here's jane king. good morning. if you are looking for a job you might try the mortgage industry, hiring up 9%. if you have been getting ads for low mortgage rates in the mail, watch out, the ads may be deceptive, they don't describe the cost of mortgages and imply they have government
5:56 am
approval. next time you check out clothes on a mannequin, the mannequin may be checking you out retailers equipping mannequins with deckology to spy on customers. embedding secret cameras in the eyes of mannequins that feed into facial recognition software that can track age, gender and race. new this morning, influential government panel wants more people to be routinely tested for the virus that cause aids. task force recommending everyone between the ages of 15 and 65 be tested for hiv not just people considered to be high risk. the task force says the screening should be routine part of a medical checkup. it is an effort to curb hiv transmission and get treatment to those already infected. next, get ready for the thanksgiving travel rush. we are live at sfo with the
5:57 am
west coast storm that could cause delays for passengers trying to make it to the pacific northwest and elsewhere. facebook wants to slow its website on purpose, the reason the menlo park company says this will be good for users. blue better -- closer look
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning just about 6:00 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. there's a powerful storm headed our way. mike is it going to be as powerful when it gets here? >> no it won't be nearly as powerful it will be losing steam through the bay area north bay will take the bulk of the wet weather and south bay will get the least amount. good morning. here's a look at live


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